Assembling and connecting the solar battery

Assembling and connecting the solar battery

Solar energy is a real godsend for generating cheap electricity. However, even one solar battery is quite expensive, and in order to organize an effective system, you need a considerable number of them. Therefore, many people decide to build a solar panel with their own hands. To do this, you need to be able to solder a little, since all the elements of the system are collected in tracks, and then attached to the base.

Types of solar cells

The main and rather difficult task is to find and buy photovoltaic converters. Those are silicon based wafers that renew solar energy into electricity. Solar cells are called on two types: monocrystalline and polycrystalline. The first are more efficient and have a high efficiency-20-25%, and the second only up to 20%. Polycrystalline solar cells are bright blue and less expensive. And mono can be distinguished by its shape, it is not square, but octagonal, and the price for them is higher.

If soldering is not very good, then it is recommended to buy ready-made solar cells with conductors to connect the solar battery with your own hands. If you are sure that you will be able to solder the elements yourself without damaging the Converter, you can buy a set in which the conductors are attached separately.

Growing crystals for solar cells on your own is quite a specific job, and it is almost impossible to do it at home. Therefore, it is better to buy ready-made solar cells.

How to choose and where to buy converters?

It will be cheaper to buy solar cells on Chinese Internet sites, although, of course, factory parts that are defective are sold there in their infancy. For a start, this is not bad, especially since the price is lower. And after you gain more experience in the Assembly of batteries, you can take more quality parts from the factory.

Some sellers sell converters all together sealed in wax, so that during transportation they are not damaged, because silicon wafers are fragile, like crystal. Cleaning them from wax is a very laborious task. First, you need to submerge them in hot water and after the wax melts, very carefully separate them. After you need to lower each solar cell in a soap solution, and then in clean hot water. And so, until the wax does not leave the plates completely. Then you need to spread them out to dry on a Terry towel. In general, this is an extra hassle, so it is better to buy plates without wax.

On the verified Chinese sites Ebay and Alibaba, it is safe to purchase solar cells for installing solar panels with your own hands. To make a purchase, you need to register and enter the desired query in the search bar. Several offers will be displayed on the screen.

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