Cleaning solar panels

Cleaning solar panels

For the purpose of energy production, solar panels must be able to withstand the inclement weather. Cleaning is not done regularly, but it is important to keep the solar panels in good condition so that they do not lose efficiency. Most of the time rainwater is the only thing you need for your cleaning.

Anyway, it is not a bad idea to “spray” the photovoltaic plates occasionally if you live in places where the above conditions do. Next, we will answer the basic questions that the owners of self-consumption facilities ask about their conservation.

What cleaning products should be used for cleaning solar panels?

The fundamental feature that we must consider when cleaning the solar plates is not to scratch or spoil the glass, because if this happens, the energy production of the deteriorated panel would be diminished. The most suitable form is:

Do the cleaning carefully with warm water and dishwasher, as if washing a new car. We must use a rubber brush to remove dirty water.

An inconvenience that can occur if the house is located near a road with a high frequency of heavy vehicles or near an airport, is the appearance of oily residues on the plates. Your disposal will be comfortable and simple using a small amount of isopropyl alcohol and a swab. The use of aggressive cleaning products that can damage or scratch the glass is strongly discouraged.

Do I need to pay for a solar plate cleaning assistance?

If the installation is located in a place that is difficult to access, such as the roof or roof, it is advisable to hire the assistance of professionals primarily for safety reasons. Cleaning assistance professionals have the right means to perform this task with all guarantees.

If the photovoltaic panels are installed above the pavement, it may be more advantageous for you to perform this task yourself, always taking into account not to use aggressive products.

Should Snow be removed from your solar panels?

Usually, it is not necessary to remove the snow from the solar plates, as it will slip itself. The installations of solar plates are mostly in slope at a certain angle and, thanks to gravity, as it melts will disappear.

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