Factors for placing a solar power plant

Factors for placing a solar power plant

Today, the popularity of production and consumption of alternative types of electricity is increasing. The use of solar power plants is increasing, there are many beautiful Sunny days not only in summer, but also during the year. There is also an increase in the legal framework for establishing an alternative type of electricity. But there are a number of questions.

For example, solar power plant placement, which area you need, etc. Before placing solar power plants, you need to clearly understand exactly where they will be located. You need to watch the sun, because the sun can become the best friend not only for plants but also for a normal person independent of central energy consumption. Our own solar power plant is a profitable contribution to the independence and ecology of our state from traditional types of electricity.

Rules for placing a solar power plant

The main rules of a solar power plant placement is on the roof of a house, garage or territory. After all, placing on a scarce land plot near a house with a small territory is not always considered. It is possible that there is direct access to the sun at one time of day, but not at other times.

  1. Ecological compatibility
  2. Payback
  3. Independence from network power supply

Please note that the solar modules must be deployed to the South. This will allow you to spend more time in the sun. But you need to provide the panels with wind, so that they do not overheat. Just all these main points can be taken into account when installing on the roof. You also need to calculate the angle of the panel. If the installation takes place on the roof, then changing the tilt angle is almost impossible. It occurs in gradations from one to five degrees.

What is the area of a solar power plant?

If the installation of a solar power plant SES takes place on the roof of the house, it most often occupies the entire roof area, which is on the Sunny side most of the time per day. To find out the exact area that needs to be allocated for a solar power plant then you need to calculate the formula. You need to multiply the desired power by the placement coefficient. It is equal when placed on the roof of 12.6, and on the site of 14.8. After the calculation, you need to carry out measurements and production of the project. This should be done by specialists who have experience in this area.

If you live in a multi-storey building, this is not a problem. You can also host a solar power plant. First, you need to rent the roof of the house, then collect a set of documents for obtaining technical conditions for placing a solar power plant. After such an idea, many of your neighbors can connect to you. Then, after the technical conditions and production of the project, the panels are installed themselves.

Perhaps before this, you will need to repair the roof of the house. But from this there are two positive developments-the roof was repaired and the energy independence from the central power supply.

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