How a solar pool treatment plant works

How a solar pool treatment plant works?

If you want to keep your pool water clean, you’ll need a system that can keep it free of leaves, impurities and algae. For this purpose we have a system that consists of a purifier, which filters the water and a water pump that is in charge of moving all the water in the pool so that it can pass through the purifier. Below we will explain the operation of a pool purifier and a filtration system.

Operation of the pool purifier

The filter or purifier is the mechanism that is responsible for purifying and cleaning water. The ones that are normally used are sand and do not require much maintenance. The scrubber works when the water passes through a sand reservoir, in which the dirt particles are trapped, before the water returns to the pool again.

With this system, an operation called backwash of the filter is carried out, through which the keys are manipulated, thus reversing the direction of water circulation in the filter. This operation results in the expulsion to the drain of the materials retained in the filter. The filter has a pressure gauge, which has the function of indicating when this operation will be necessary. The one in charge of moving the water is the water pump.

How a pool pump works?

Through the skimmer and the sump, the water from the pool is sucked up through the pump, which causes the turbine to rotate using an electric motor. Then the water travels to the vacuum chamber of the pump, which we know as the casing. After this the water reaches the tank of the purifier, which houses inside, the special filter material responsible for carrying out the filtration treatment of the water.

Almost all impurities are retained in the filter bed. In the tank of the scrubber we find a diffuser that is responsible for making the air bubbles disappear. Then, when you return the clean water to the pool, a filtration cycle will have been completed.

The process in which all the water in the pool passes through the filter is called a cycle and its duration will depend on factors such as the pump power (amount of Water sucked every hour), the size of the pool (amount of water to filter) and the power of the purifier. It is best that the duration of a filtration cycle is a maximum of 6 hours.

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