How to choose the right SPP power

How to choose the right SPP power?

To provide a private home with electricity using a solar power plant today is not only possible, but also profitable, and from a technical point of view, it is necessary to think through a lot of details so that there are no problems in the process of using the solar system. Usually in the private sector, solar power plants with a capacity of 10 to 30 kW are installed, because 30 kW is the maximum allowable size of the SES, and does not require a license. If you plan to build and use a solar power plant for household needs, do not choose the power on the advice of friends or based on your own baseless beliefs, this approach can lead to exorbitant costs and other problems in operation.

KS Solar has been professionally developing, installing and servicing Autonomous and hybrid solar power plants throughout the north region and far beyond for several years. Experts will take into account all the important factors and necessary figures to create a project that fully meets your needs, will allow you to get the optimal income at the “green” tariff and not spend a single extra penny. We will calculate the required power as accurately as possible, depending on the type of SES use.

Important point

First of all, in the case of solving the question of the correct selection of SES power, it is necessary to find the value of the peak power per day or simply calculate the total power of all electrical devices that can be simultaneously connected to the home network. You also need to find out if the future owner of the SES plans to use the solar system in conjunction with the traditional network, perhaps he is interested only in Autonomous operation.

In the second case, the power allowed to be used will be limited by the capabilities of the inverter. If more consumers are connected to such a SES at the same time than it can provide, the solar power plant will not cope with the task. Although in practice some high-quality technical equipment can work at a slight excess, but this does not benefit the life of the solar system. The power of a solar power plant kit also depends on the number and type of solar panels.

What determines the power of the SES?

Performance of solar panels. Most of the solar modules used in European home power plants are polycrystalline in nature with an efficiency of 13-17 percent. The same indicator for single-crystal is in the region of 18-22 percent. Quite significant losses are due to the reflection of most of the light from silicon wafers or heating of the system. The level of conversion of light energy is also affected by the material from which the modules are made. You can always get more detailed information on this topic from KS Solar consultants, by contacting us at a convenient time for you.

Depending on weather conditions and time of day. Currently, in Europe, mainly monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar photovoltaic modules work, which can absorb direct and scattered sunlight, but do not function at night. In the near future, the situation may change for the better, because experts are actively working on developing more efficient equipment to increase the capacity of solar power plants. For example, in China, back in 2017, scientists created all-weather solar panels that work even at night by covering with phosphor, which preserves the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum.

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