Solar energy generator for home

Solar energy generator for home

A thermal energy converter is a device for generating current (or heat) and storing it. Thanks to this device, it is possible to provide power to the equipment, regardless of climatic conditions and ambient temperature. The best location for such a structure is the roof, where the lighting coefficient is maximum.

The operation of the generator is provided by the circulation of the coolant (water or antifreeze) in a closed circuit. It occurs when solar energy is transformed into thermal energy. The liquid heats up and moves, transferring energy to the battery.

Generators using solar panels

Using a solar collector, you can accumulate not only heat, but also electricity. To do this, a panel with silicon wafers is installed, where the pulse of the rays is converted into a current. This design consists of a photo converter, contacts for conducting energy, an inverter, and a battery.

The transformation of rays is obtained by the p-n transition of electrons in a silicon wafer. It consists of two layers. The first, upper, contains silicon atoms with five, and the lower three electrons. Given that it has a valence of 4 under standard conditions, the electrons move to free orbitals, resulting in a constant current. But to use it, you need an alternating voltage, which is converted using an inverter. After passing through the device, energy accumulates in the battery.

Advantages and disadvantages of a solar power generator

The use of this device is a new word in the energy sector. Thanks to equipment that converts photon pulses into heat or electricity, you can get independence from utilities. This source can rightly be considered inexhaustible.

Alternative energy generators do not pollute the environment and are environmentally friendly. If you have such an installation in a mobile state, you can get access to electricity under any conditions: on the road, on a picnic, on a hike or on a trip.

Installing a solar generator is expensive. You can create an energy source yourself, but this will not reduce its cost. The most expensive, but also effective, will be a solar-powered generator with a silicon wafer. When using this equipment in unstable climatic conditions, there is a possibility of breakage due to freezing. To prevent the risk of damage, you need to ensure constant monitoring of the installation and its automatic shutdown.

Despite the disadvantages, the solar power generator is an excellent opportunity to get electricity independently by installing a small station. Its installation pays off over the years, so you can safely invest some savings on such energy supply.

Many progressive countries place huge bets on alternative natural energy sources, investing resources in their development. Unfortunately, this sphere is less developed in Europe, because of the high cost of building systems. At the moment, the maximum share of energy supply is accounted for by thermal power plants that pollute the environment, but have a high efficiency. The world is now heavily dependent on coal, oil, and natural gas to meet its energy needs. However, the use of these energy sources has a significant impact on our environment.

In addition, these resources are not renewable, meaning they will not always be available. As their supplies are depleted, they will become too expensive, and will also have a devastating impact on the environment.

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