What are the main solar systems

What are the main solar systems?

Today, solar power plants have ceased to be an innovation and are gradually becoming a common option for supplying electricity to private and industrial facilities. Every year, there are more and more interesting solutions for the technical part, installation and subtleties of remote access, and the gradual reduction in the cost of such equipment and excellent payback periods allow almost everyone to buy a solar power plant. If you want to equip your private home or business with an Autonomous solar power plant, you should understand the requirements and preferences for this technology, as well as what types of solar panels and systems you are interested in.

Of course, solar power plants with a capacity of up to 20 kW for private homes and country cottages differ from industrial equipment for large enterprises and farms. KS Solar specialists offer a wide range of design solutions for their customers, including compact low-cost solar power plants for personal use and large-scale hybrid or Autonomous systems of any complexity.

Static solar panel systems

It is the static type solar power plant kit that is the most popular and in-demand product of KS Solar. it is characterized by an optimal price range, easy maintenance and installation. The stable design significantly expands the possibilities of installing solar panels, you can do it almost anywhere. The main thing is to take into account the geographical location of the object, as well as the required capacity and purpose of installing a set of solar power plants:

  • Ground-based solar power plants can take up entire fields. the mounting option is suitable for industrial-scale objects or for servicing small country cottages, if there is a small vacant land plot for such purposes.
  • Static roof mounts allow you to place solar power plants on commercial and private buildings, and are used on flat and pitched versions, regardless of the type of coating.
  • Static fasteners on facades are particularly popular with modern designers, as they help to achieve high energy efficiency and create a presentable modern design of the building.

Special static mounts involve the installation of solar panels on top of garages, gazebos, canopies and other sufficiently strong structures for the purpose of generating and using solar electricity.

The dynamic system of solar panels

As for dynamic mounting systems, they do not provide such an abundance of options for mounting equipment for generating electricity and are installed on the ground. Such stations are not used in private homes, as they require a more thorough analysis of solar activity at the installation site and a rather complex control system, compared to static options. However, these difficulties are responsible for the high efficiency of dynamic Autonomous solar power plants, the system analyzes the location of the sun in real time and sets the FEM so that it gets the brightest solar rays. There are three types of such systems:

  • Uniaxial.
  • Biaxial.
  • With a manual type of panel position control.

Automated dynamic solar power plants include electromechanical wires, software, and a control unit. The cost of such equipment is more expensive than static options, but the cost of them is fully justified by high efficiency and increased volumes of electricity generation.

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