Why is an autonomous solar power plant from KS Solar profitable

Why is an autonomous solar power plant from KS Solar profitable?

The selection of the type of equipment is carried out on an individual basis, taking into account the technical aspects and preferences of the customer for maximum efficiency of the system. Panels generate direct current, but electrical appliances and home appliances require alternating current, so an Autonomous solar power plant is impossible without a high-quality inverter-the cost is around several thousand dollars.

If you take into account the installation and other related costs, the total amount of capital investment for earning on a home SES at the” green ” tariff is approximately 30 thousand dollars. On particularly Sunny days, the equipment will generate more electricity on gloomy days, but the solar panels will work even in snow and rain if they are provided with minimal maintenance. The average payback period of such a system is 5-6 years, and you can accurately calculate it in each individual case. KS Solar specialists will be happy to provide you with a forecast calculation of the payback of an Autonomous solar power plant based on your parameters and make revenue forecasts.

One-time investment

To get real income at the “green” tariff in Europe, it is enough to buy and install a solar power plant once, in the future it will just work and bring passive income. The SES owner will not have to hire workers, delve into maintenance or other nuances related to the equipment, as KS Solar specialists will do it in the best possible way. When ordering an Autonomous solar power plant from us, you will get a full set of services from designing and calculating the required capacity to directly installing equipment and processing documents.

Full autonomy

With solar power plants for a private home, you will always have a double benefit due to the fact that you will no longer have to pay for electricity. As a rule, the generated energy is fully sufficient for household needs, and only the excess is sent back to the network. The situation will be similar for companies that build solar power plants for their own consumption: no more dependence on planned shutdowns, switching or repairs on the line.

A stable income without the hassle

As soon as all the bureaucratic issues on the “green” tariff are resolved, which KS Solar employees will be happy to help you with, and the solar power plant will start working, you will receive a monthly payment from the state for the electricity produced.

Over time, the tariff for eco-friendly solar energy will decrease, but the cost of equipment is falling rapidly, so this area will be a profitable and effective tool for earning money in Europe for a long time. SES built before the end of 2019 will be able to operate at a “green” tariff of 5.54 UAH per kW until 2030, so projects for the construction of home solar power plants are particularly relevant now.

If you have any specific questions about solar power plants, you can always ask them to our consultants. Don’t miss your chance to become the owner of a profitable energy business with minimal time and money spent!

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