Why is it better to entrust the installation of SPP to professionals

Why is it better to entrust the installation of SPP to professionals?

The ability to turn sunlight into energy became known to mankind in the middle of the nineteenth century. Then the idea of an Autonomous own needs and the needs of the enterprise with the help of the sun without the traditional networks was only a tale, but since then, scientists have made significant progress, which allowed to actively use solar energy to operate portable electronic devices, electric vehicles, household appliances and even space or aviation equipment .

Solar energy not only provides comfort in everyday life and in industry, but also saves lives; a well-known technology based on the attachment of miniature solar panels under the skin, which generate energy for the continuous operation of pacemakers. Today, it is not only easy to buy a solar power plant for your home, but also very profitable due to the current “green” tariff in Europe.

Why do you need your own solar power plant?

Although the cost of a set of solar power plants is constantly decreasing every year, not all Europeans can install such equipment on their territory. However, statistics confirm that people are paying more attention to new technologies in the context of the constant rise in the cost of servicing traditional electric networks and the ability to create their own business at home with a passive income, thanks to the “green” tariff.

To date, more than 9,000 people have decided to buy a solar power plant in Europe.the total capacity is about 190 MW with an average of 21.5 kW for each family. Installation of solar panels in most cases allows you to seriously save the family budget. Solar energy can rightly be called inexhaustible, because the next few billion years, our star will Shine and warm the Earth, and the negative impact on the environment is minimal, as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

What should be considered before installing a solar power plant?

Proper installation of solar panels affects not only the quality of the system, but also the likely income of the owner of a solar power plant. To ensure that your SES expenses are justified, and the system has been running smoothly for years, KS Solar masters take into account a large number of nuances:

Environmental features and shading. If your home is located in the shade of trees or other buildings, the performance of SES equipment will be less, compared to solar panels that are directly under direct sunlight. Depending on whether there is a shadow in the installation area, you need to choose the right type of panels and their connections; polycrystalline work better at high levels of illumination, monocrystalline work better in diffuse lighting. The efficiency of single-crystal panels is higher.

The angle of inclination of the structure. The most popular option for installing solar panels is on the roof, where the dependence on the shade is minimal, but here you need to take into account some features.

The tilt angle of the system must be less than 40 degrees. Too sharp an angle reduces the efficiency of the SES. You can compensate for this by using a special frame or removing part of the roof. ideally, the angle of inclination should be close to 35 degrees.

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